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Simple IPTV Player πŸ“Ί Preview

How to Download and Install Simple IPTV Player πŸ“Ί on Firestick/FireTV

Amazon Fire stick is a modified version of Android, so you can install Android apps on it. But not all apps might work due to compatibility issues.

How to install Simple IPTV Player πŸ“Ί on Firestick
  1. From your Amazon firestick home screen, goto "Search" and search for "Downloader". Select it, then click "Download".
  2. Once Downloader is installed, go back to fire stick home screen » Settings » My Fire TV » Developer Options » Install Unknown Apps.
  3. Click on the Downloader app. This will set "Unknown Sources" to "On" for the Downloader app, enabling side-loading on your firestick.
  4. .
  5. Open the Downloader app and accept all pop-ups
  6. In the URL field, type the following URL exactly as it is listed here - OR
  7. Next, click "Go"
  8. Simple IPTV Player πŸ“Ί will get downloaded.
  9. After Simple IPTV Player πŸ“Ί is downloaded, click "Install" on the next pop-up. Simple IPTV Player πŸ“Ί will now be installed.
  10. Goto Apps & Channels » See All to use the Simple IPTV Player πŸ“Ί app.

The app description of Simple IPTV Player πŸ“Ί

Simple IPTV Player πŸ“Ί is a Video Players & Editors android app developed by Apps Úteis GrΓ‘tis πŸ†“. The latest version is Full Version and the it requires a 4.0 android version to run it. Simple IPTV Player, just put the IPTV List and Watch, Simple and Objective! Compatibility: Simple IPTV Player is IPTV standard compliant and is also compatible with M3U, M3U8, XSPF, WPL, ASX and PLS Playlist standards, it also supports Android TV and Remote Control, or you can use it on your BOX TV Android without problems! Simple IPTV Player was designed to be simple and without many tabs, because from what I saw, when we use these players with many options on Android TV or BOX TV with Remote Control is very complicated, you will not have this problem in this Simple IPTV Player! Featured features: πŸ—’ EPG - Programming Guide. πŸ”₯ Compatibility with ChromeCast Devices, Easy Connection! ❀ Put your Favorite Channels with just one tap! πŸ‘€ A List with all recent Channels accessed (You can clean it anytime!) 🌎 A List with all recently used PlayLists (Clean when you want!) β–Ά Did not like Internal Player? Watch the External Player you want! ⏲️ Automatic PlayList update, you do not have to keep checking if the PlayList has been updated, the app does it for you! βœ”οΈ Checking Online / Offline items, the system checks to see if the Channel is Online or Offline! πŸ”— If you have only the direct link to the video / audio, no problem, the app is also compatible with videos and audio links! Compatible PlayLists Formats: πŸ‘ PlayLists M3U8 compatible πŸ‘ Compatible with PlayLists M3U πŸ‘ XSPF PlayLists Compatible πŸ‘ WPL PlayLists Compatible πŸ‘ ASL PlayLists Compatible πŸ‘ PLS PlayLists Compatible πŸ‘ Compatible with TXT PlayLists πŸ‘ Compatible with any IPTV PlayList Compatible devices: πŸ‘ Compatible with SmartPhones / Cellphones πŸ‘ Compatible with Tablets πŸ‘ Compatible with Android TV πŸ‘ Compatible with BOX TV πŸ‘ Compatible with any Android device PlayLists / Compatible IPTV Lists: β˜… IPTV List Free β˜… IPTV List Paid β˜… Updated IPTV 2018 List β˜… IPTV List for Sports / Soccer β˜… Updated IPTV M3U / M3U8 List β˜… TV IPTV List β˜… Channel IPTV List β˜… IPTV Movies List β˜… Series IPTV List β˜… Animes IPTV List β˜… IPTV List of Novels β˜… IPTV List of Religious β˜… IPTV List of Radios β˜… IPTV World Cup List β˜… Free IPTV Channel List β˜… IPTV M3U / M3U8 list β˜… IPTV 2018 β˜… IPTV List 2018 Sports / Soccer β˜… IPTV 2019 Updated List β˜… List of IPTV Animes β˜… Live Football List β˜… List For IPTV β˜… IPTV Lists M3U / M3U8 β˜… IPTV Cup Lists β˜… IPTV Lista 2018 Free β˜… IPTV List β˜… World Cup IPTV List Official Website: Simple IPTV Player πŸ“Ί was released 3 years ago, and is available for Free.

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