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Published by Squid Tooth LLC

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What we love about Hide Pictures & Videos!

1. Vaulty will remove the pictures and videos from your gallery and hide them safely in your vault.

2. Vaulty offers everything a gallery should and then some to keep your pics and vids well sorted.


How To Install Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty on Firestick/Fire TV

Option A: Install Hide Pictures & Videos Directly on Your Fire Stick

  1. Hide Pictures & Videos Fire Stick app can be found by going to the Apps section on the home screen » Scroll through the available apps, » Select Get when you find "Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty" (the one you want).
    NB: The apps you'll find here are listed under different categories, which makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

  2. How to Download Hide Pictures & Videos Using the Search Function:
    1. Launch your Fire Stick and select the search (magnifying glass) icon from the top menu. You can find this in the top-left corner of your screen.
    2. Type "Hide Pictures & Videos" in the search bar. You will be shown some suggestions. Select "Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty" from the list.
    3. Click on "Get" or "Download" (You will see the Download button only if you have downloaded Hide Pictures & Videos in the past.).
    4. Wait for the download to finish and select Open to launch the Hide Pictures & Videos app.

Option B: Sideload Hide Pictures & Videos app on your Amazon FireStick / Fire TV

Amazon's Fire TV devices run a heavily modified version of Android, which means you can install some Android apps on them. While the built-in Amazon Appstore has a wide selection of apps and games, you can also install software that is not available through the official store if you have the APK file.
Note also that Fire TV devices are not fully compatible with all Android apps - many games and apps are designed for a touchscreen and not a physical remote.

  1. From your device's home screen, hover over the "Find" option. Click on "Search." Search for "Downloader". Select the Downloader app. Click on "Download".
  2. Once Downloader is installed, go back to your device's home screen and open Settings » My Fire TV » Developer Options » Install Unknown Apps. You'll see the Downloader app. Click on it. This will set "Unknown Sources" to "On" for the Downloader app, which will enable side-loading on your device.
  3. .
  4. Now open the Downloader app. A popup will appear asking if Downloader is allowed to access the files on your device. Click on "Allow".
  5. A popup called "Quick Start Guide" will now appear. Click 'Ok".
  6. You will now see a URL field. Place your cursor in the URL field and click the OK button on your remote control to open the keyboard.
  7. Type the following URL exactly as it is listed here - https://7techgirl.com/apk/168496 OR https://7techgirl.com/cid/168496 and click "Go"
  8. Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty apk file will start downloading. Wait until the file download is finished.
  9. After Hide Pictures & Videos is downloaded, click "Install" on the next popup. Your Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty APK will now be installed.
  10. After the download, you may be prompted to remove the installation file and free up space on your device. Click "Delete" to delete the file. You are now done.
  11. The installed Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty app is now located under - Apps & Channels » See All.

The app description of Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty

Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty is an Apk android app that was developed by Squid Tooth LLC. It belongs to the Video Players & Editors genre. The latest version of is version 4.9.3 release r65000 and the it requires 4.4 to run it. If your Firestick runs on a higher android version than this, you have nothing to worry about.

For over six years millions have trusted Vaulty with their privacy! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Vaulty asks for the least in return for the most.” - Naked Security ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “For people with private videos or private pictures on their phone Vaulty could be a life saver.” - BlueStacks ------------------------ EASY TO USE ------------------------ ▌Hide Pictures & Videos Within Vaulty 1. Open Vaulty, then tap the lock icon at the top, 2. Tap an album, 3. Tap thumbnails to select files, then tap the lock at the top to hide them. ▌”Share” Pictures & Videos From Other Apps 1. While viewing a picture or a video, tap the share icon, 2. Select Vaulty from the list of apps, 3. Vaulty will remove the pictures and videos from your gallery and hide them safely in your vault. ------------------------ SECURITY FEATURES ------------------------ ▌Image & Video Hiding Lock up any images and videos, then view them from inside the app's beautiful, fast and powerful gallery. ▌Password Protection Stay protected. Use a PIN or text password to protect your Vaulty vaults. ▌Free, Automatic, Online Backup Save your hidden media even if your phone is broken or lost. ▌Multiple Vaults Keep different vaults to show different people. ▌Mugshot Snap a pic of anyone who enters the wrong password. ------------------------ MEDIA FEATURES ------------------------ ▌Organization Create new albums. Sort and filter by various attributes. Rename items. Vaulty offers everything a gallery should and then some to keep your pics and vids well sorted. ▌Slideshow Rotate to fit screen. Random sort. Play GIFs & videos. Vaulty's slideshow allows the ultimate hands-free viewing experience. ▌Full Zoom Zoom beyond pixel-to-pixel levels to fully enjoy the complete resolution of your pictures (& GIFs). ▌Video Format Support Vaulty can play any video your device can handle and if there's a format your phone can't handle natively, Vaulty can securely display your video in third-party apps. ------------------------ Need help? We're always here for you. Go to: http://squidtooth.freshdesk.com/ BETA TESTING – Get early access to new features and improve Vaulty Permissions explained: http://squidtooth.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/169715-what-are-the-permissions-used-for

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